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Soybean Oil

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Soybean oil is basically vegetarian edible cooking oil, which has been extracted from soybean seeds. As the surveys, this is one of the largest consumed edible oils in the world. It has several nutritious properties and at the same time it is affordable or low in terms of the cost. Soybean seeds are also consumed for many health benefits, and they are generally found rich in protein substance. Apart from great protein source from plants, soybean seeds are massively used for producing the soybean oil. We are a reputed and well-recognized soybean oil manufacturer. We produce exceptional quality oil from protein rich and farm fresh soy seeds.

The soy seeds are processed for oil extraction via a standardized processing method. The method is non-toxic and chemical free. Producing such high quality edible oils and exporting them to global based customers is our forte. We offer the best quality oil export service with precision. Around 20% of the dry soybean seed can be extracted for oil. Over extraction could lead to quality compromise. We never compromise with quality. We ensure the best quality edible soybean oil which will enhance taste, flavor and aroma of your dishes perfectly. As a leading soybean oil supplier, we are committed to deliver quality products to customers.

Nutritional Facts of Soybean Oil

Since this oil is largely consumed across the world, knowing the nutritional values of the oil is important. It can be used as regular cooking oil. More specifically, it is effective for deep frying or shallow frying different food items. The nutritional facts of our wholesale soybean oil are given below.

•    It is one of the best poly-unsaturated cooking oil. Around 100 g of the oil comes with 884 calories.
•    This cooking oil comes with high smoke point and thus it is an excellent option for deep frying or shallow frying cooking items, especially meats and vegetables.
•    It also comes with good amount of monosaturated fats which can reduce different health risks due to high percentage of cholesterol in the body.
•    This cooking oil comes with excellent shelf life. The oil can be stored for a long time, and even after that there would be no issues with edibility of the oil.

We are trustworthy and largest soybean oil exporter, featuring great quality oil for the customers. We take wholesale supply order at any given quantity. Good packaging of the products is a major highlight of our export service.

Major Markets

Globally, particularly USA, China, India, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Thailand, Pakistan, European Union, Senegal.

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