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Among various edible oils, palm oil has been considered as one of the best options for those, who are seeking healthier alternatives of the regular cooking oils. Using healthy cooking oil is important for many reasons. It protects your heart from severe or mild attacks. It enhances overall digestive ability and eventually helps in enhancing physical immunity. We are a leading palm oil manufacturer and exporter. We follow standardized and hygienic method of producing palm oil. Nevertheless, we ensure the best packaging method for supplying or exporting the oil. Healthy, tasty, flavorful and completely hygienic palm oil has been exported by our company.

Saturated Fats

Healthy dietary fat is important for proper nutrition. There are some good cholesterols, and there are some bad cholesterols. Body needs good cholesterol for proper functioning. A single table spoon of palm oil contains 13 gm saturated fat and also monosaturated fats in almost equal proportions. The presence of monosaturated fat helps curbing down bad cholesterol percentage in our blood stream. As a result, major health risks due to heart related diseases can be prevented. As a leading palm oil supplier, we supply completely healthy and edible palm oil. The oil has not been extracted through chemical processing.

Health Benefits of Palm Oil

Edible palm oil comes with a lot of important health benefits. Those health benefits have been listed in the following section of this article.

•    Edible palm oil helps curbing risk of heart attacks.
•    It contains monosaturated fats in high amount and thus it helps getting rid of bad cholesterol from body.
•    Chance for kidney and liver diseases can be reduced significantly.
•    Digestive disorders can significantly be reduced for those who regularly face acid reflux issues.
•    Palm oil is good for skin and hair too.

For healthy nutrition of the family, palm oil is recommended as edible cooking oil. As a leading palm oil exporter, we export the highest quality products with guarantee on the product quality.

Wholesale Export at Affordable Cost

As a leading manufacturer of palm oil, we offer wholesale export of the palm oil at the cheapest possible price. We are a trusted worldwide supplier and known to be one of the leading palm oil companies in the world. Products are manufactured through various quality testing processes. Ensuring the best quality standard with edible palm oil products is our committed. We are trustworthy in terms of product quality, authenticity and seamless supply.

Major Markets

Globally, particularly USA, China, India, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Thailand, Pakistan, European Union, Senegal.

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