Fenugreek Seed Oil

Fenugreek Seed Oil

Edible Fenugreek Oil Seed Supplier

For its unique health benefits, fenugreek oil has become widely popular. Different versions of fenugreek seed oil are available in the marketplace. From essential oil to edible fenugreek oil, different products are there. We are basically a leading fenugreek oil manufacturer as well as supplier. We manufacture and supply edible fenugreek oil which has many health benefits. This oil can be a perfect replacement for the regular edible oil that you use for cooking. The oil comes with excellent nutritional values and health properties.

Nutrition Values and Healthiness

If you choose to go for wholesale fenugreek seed oil, you shall end up finding a healthier alternative of your regular vegetable cooking oil. Generally, the regular oils that we use come with risks for health related issues. On a contrast, fenugreek seed oil comes with excellent nutritional values. Around 28% of the oil consists of high nutritional substances which are essential for human bodies. The oil is enriched with fatty acids, which are good for health and essential for various physical functions. Some of the health saturated fatty acids that can be found in this oil are palmitic acid, stearic acid, arachidic acid, behenic acid and many more.

Health Benefits of Fenugreek Oil

A lot of major health benefits can be attained through regular consumption of fenugreek seed oil. There benefits are listed in the following section:

•    This oil helps preventing kidney related diseases or complications
•    Fenugreek oil reduces the risks of heart attacks
•    Being enriched with nutritional substances, it helps in skin and hair care
•    The oil can also help in diabetes control
•    It enhances metabolic functions and that results into weight loss
•    Presence of good fatty acid keeps you healthy
•    It also helps increasing digestive abilities

Healthy and Edible Fenugreek Oil Supply

At Agro Exchanges, we manufacture and supply fenugreek seed oil in different parts of the globe. We are a leading fenugreek seed oil supplier and we are known for supplying top quality products at the most affordable prices. We follow standardized, safe and non-toxic process for deriving fenugreek oil from their seeds. After oil extracting, we take care of the packaging process, which has been done in the most seamless manner.

As a trustworthy fenugreek seed oil supplier, we are always committed towards the quality controlling process. We monitor the manufacturing, packaging and transporting processes so that the best quality control can be done.

Major Markets

Globally, particularly USA, China, India, Canada, Mexico, Nigeria, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cote d'Ivoire, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Thailand, Pakistan, European Union, Senegal.

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